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These are awesome resources that I have accumulated over time.Please share resources with other teachers, (especially if there is no benefit to you. Others may not be as helpful, and students need their teachers to have all the tools possible.)

Please let me know if there are any that require corrections, as many were borrowed. I’ll be happy to help you rework them to fit your needs.   Many were anonymous donations from classes, which I wanted to share with new teachers who often suffer because information is often not shared, in fear that someone will look better, as good, etc..  This only hurts the students, just as infighting among teachers and administrators hinders student success. Please help you fellow teacher be a better teacher, feel appreciated, and successful so they may pass this along to our students. They are our future.

I hope you find these resourcs, and both websites helpful.

helpful.     –  Hope

ABC Boxes

behav-rulebroken-student sightwordassessmentchecklist-k-1-2 only Sight-Word-Assessment-with-marks Personal-Contract behavb-daily-desk-tracker Daily-progress-report behavcontract-Ican behavior1-4.Point Sheet.09-10 behavior_intervention_plan behavior_intervention_guide

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    1. Hello, The checklist came from several places in my district, and the originals I knew, were cited, but many general forms about behaviors and antecendents were given by my district, from classes I paid to take, and came with anonymous beginnings. Please let me know if you feel that my resources are cited in other pages. I would like to know if all the hard work I have put in with no reward has done some good.

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