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The best way to prepare for writing is to write often about anything you like. Write a journal, a plan for a fun weekend. Make up a story to tell your weekend story but add imagination and details. Study your favorite animals . insects, sports, or other hobbies, and write to describe it to someone else, or teach a friend.


Writing a strong hook Narrative

Text Evidence


FLIP Creative writing

Fun songs for Writing with reminders


Beginning your essay for students :

6th grade argument also good for 4th grade opinion writing.

Attack the prompt for parents to watch with students.

5th Grade Writing ;Historical fiction narrative


4-5th grade with ESOL & ESE Writers workshop full lesson

Fun song strategies for FSA

Writer’s Workshop


Stretch out a moment with details







FSA cute song

Common Core writing lesson- with reading material. You will need to pause it but it is a good way for parents to have a look at the expectation for writing so we can help our children and discuss it at home. I hope it helps


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