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Hangman Word Games


  • Hangman Word Games Play these fun interactive hangman games. You can play the regular hangman or a more fun hangman where you throw a bucket of water over a bear. The word lists include: Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Colour words, Dolch Words, Number Words 1-16, Animal Words, Common Words and Bible Words.


Alpha Catch Game


  • Room 108 Alpha Catch 
    Play this fun interactive game where you move a fox around and collect falling words or letters. Get to level three and win a certificate.  You can set the game to Parts of Speech, Vowels and Consonants or Rhyming Words. Lots of action and sound effects!


    Typing Tutor Game
  • Room 108 Typing Tutor Game Learn the fun way to type! This game teaches typing to the primary student but at the same time provides  fun in the form of a game. The game provides twenty levels. After a student finishes they can return to the level they completed.



Writing Forms Games


  • Room 108 Writing Forms Games    A fun collection of writing games that teach kids to write in the various  writing forms. Learn:  Letter Writing , Journal Writing, Poetry, Recounts or Sentence Writing and Writing Better Answers. These games will mark your answers and give you feedback on your answers. Its like the teacher is there with you. Great for Smart Board Lessons as well.



The Print Kit

  • Room 108 Print Kit  What makes this different than any Printing Book is that you can change the size of the lines and fonts on the work sheet.  Start with the lines far apart and gradually bring them smaller. This the way to teach printing! The Fun Printing Sheets and the Name Sheet Maker lets you make an entire dotted tracing sheets with students name in it too. You only type it in once. 
    Word Safari Game
  • Room 108 Word Safari Game
    What a great way to learn how to spell! Play this fun interactive 3D Game with great sound effects as you fly through the air finding letters but avoiding certain obstacles. You can make your own spelling word list to play in the Game. Lots of fun!


    Alphabet Soup Spelling Game
  • Room 108 Alphabet Soup Spelling Game
    Play this fun interactive  Game with great sound effects as you click on falling letters to make words.  Lots of fun!

    Spelling Grader
  • Room 108 Spelling Grader How well do you spell? Take the Room 108 Spelling test and get your spelling ability tested and graded by a computer program using standardized testing data.


  • Dolch Word Games
    • Dolch Word  Games 50 to 75 percent of all words in text material are common words which are repeated. These 220 words are called the Dolch Sight Words. Learn the 220 Dolch Sight Words and have fun with this collection of 16 games.


    Printing Resources

    • Printing Resources  Everything you need to learn how to print. From Animated Printing Lessons to Printing Paper to Printing Games. Lots of resources to teach kids how to print.


    Talking Word Walls

    • Talking Word Walls Use a word wall where kids can click the word to hear it !  Move the words around and put the words in alphabetic order.  Several Word Walls to choose. Great for Smart Boards.

    Theme Centered Printing Sheets
  • Theme Centered Printing Sheets Fun  Write a story about space on this special paper which is bordered by space pictures!  Make your story come alive with this special paper!

  • The Alphabet Center 
  • Alphabet Center Grade K-3,  Learn everything about the alphabet!  Learn the sounds of the letters, matching lower case to upper case letters,  interactive alphabet games , letter reversal games, alphabet songs and even alphabetic word order game.
  • Brain Gymnastics
  • Brain Gymnastics Grade K-3,  Try to move your mouse through odd shaped tunnels without touching the wall. Great game for kids with dyslexia. This game helps develop the right and left side of the brain!

  • Learn to Print Game
  • Learn to Print Game Grade K-1,  Young children easily get their up to down motion and left to right direction confused when learning to print. This habit is hard to break once started. This program brings in game fun to reinforce the proper printing directions. Lots of fun and interaction!


  • Write a Media Story
  • Write a Media Story with Sound Effects   Grade K-8,  Add cools sounds to your written stories. This neat online program turns your keyboard into a sound synthesizer. Make your stories come alive and write a sound story. Different themes to choose.Fits well with the new media literacy programs! Also a great way to teach students to write connecting sentences as they write sentences to connect the sounds in their story.


  • Abbreviations, Contractions Editing Game
  • Abbreviations, Contractions, Editing Game:   Grade 1-5. Lots of fun interactive games to play as you learn to do abbreviations, contractions or editing. Play Wordweb or Jigword or Matchword or Speedword.  

  • Parts of Speech
  • Parts of Speech Game  (Grade 2-8)  Learn the parts of speech in this fun interactive game. What is a noun or a verb etc. See if you can click on the proper moving word.

  • Help! I Can’t Keep My Child Focused!  
  • Countdown Timer (Grade K-4)   Does your child have trouble keeping focused while they are writing? Try this Countdown Focus Timer. Your child will see a diminishing shape with auditory cues to keep his attention.Kids can also try an arrow about to pop a balloon. Simply pick the amount of time they have to finish an assignment.
  • Pen Pals 

  • Pen Pals (Grade K-4)  Write to a kid your age in another part of the world. Make a life long friend as you write back and forth.


    Kids Crosswords

  • Kids Interactive Crosswords These crosswords vary from very easy to difficult and are interactive on your computer. 
    Teacher’s Graphic Organizers
  • Teachers Graphic Organizer  Get  graphic organizers  to write a story. Great way to help kids learn to write a story. Unique 3D graphic organizers.

    (Java Required on the games below)
    Word Search

  • Room 108 Word Search Children find lists of words in this interactive word find game. Lists include Colour Words, Number words, Common Words (Dolch Lists) and some other challenging word lists.
  • Spy Decoder
  • Room 108 Spy Decoder Become a Secret Agent and write a secret message to a friend. Use the Room 108 Message Decoder. A great way for teachers and parents to encourage writing and make it fun!


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