Schools, a choice for exceptional children.

I am often asked what specifically was wrong with a school I moved my son from. (This was his third) I finally tried one with a McKay Scholarship. It was suggested many times by the schools he attended. Please don’t think that that makes a school qualified to teach all needs. They are no all bad or all good, and the same school can provide different experiences for each student.

To reassure myself, I looked on line to my favorite doctor Google, I shared a couple of the similar negative experiences. However, I do  want to be clear, all schools do no fit all students. No student is perfect, and the adults also bring their experiences with he, which can cause them to judge unfairly or be more tolerant of one student over another.  If one school does not fit your child, it is not something wrong with the child. DO not leave them there and let people tell you that the child must not run away. Leaving a place that makes you ill is no running away. Leaving a place that embarrasses, demoralizes, or otherwise sucks the life out of you is called survival. Finding a place your child will thrive is essential. If he or she is not thriving, it is not a mortal sin to move them away from a demoralizing situation. Children have to be loved, nurtured, built from the ground up with the supports of friendship, trusts, engaged learning experiences and positive social learning interactions which avail them of mastery experiences (small success they smile back on when things get difficult) Vicarious learning, (seeing friends and peers that they feel are like them find success, and assessing that they to “can do this”.) and Verbal Persuasion ( Where we see that we are seen in a positive light by our judges and jury.  Verbal praise can drive a student as a reward, and inspire them to give their all. )

just found several like it and was extremely surprised since the receive the funding from McKay, but many schools, public, charter and private can meet the goals set forth in IDEA. There is just a general lack of understanding and expectation that hey should get over it, even get a thicker skin to accept the fact they will not fit in, be accepted. Many do not have the ability to “Shake it off” or “Let it go” because that is par of he challenge their disability created. and. . It is difficult for many people honestly, to identify with a challenge they do not have themselves .I am hopeful that in time, this will change, Our population of learners if getting more diverse, and time allotted to help them is usurped. in documentation and meetings. At times trying to explain to the rest of the teaching staff and administration how taking that time now is to their advantage.. Those are just a few of my thoughts as a both a special ed/ ESE teacher and parent. I hope more people will speak out when these things occur and shine a light in the elephant in the classrooms.

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